Tuesday, February 4, 2014

vintage photo album diy.

 A few weeks ago, I printed over 100 photos of little Nancy's first year from my camera and phone and wanted to find a special way to display them. I'm not a big fan of shiny, new photo albums so last weekend I found the perfect old book at Mother Jone's Flea Market to use for this DIY:

First I chose all the photos for the book and glued photo corners on each page where I wanted to keep them.

 Next, I cut a piece of ribbon a little longer than the book itself and glued it behind the binding as a bookmark of where the photos start. Finally, I made a little handwritten label and used photo corners to glue it to the cover of the book.

As the book is so charming itself, I only took up 30 pages with room leftover to read some of the enchanting tales to Nancy someday when she's bored with looking at baby photos!


  1. Nice idea... but I would be concerned about the acidic nature of the paper in the old book. That beautiful sepia-colored tan you see on the pages of many old books is caused by acid that comes from the paper-making process used in the 19th and 20th, as well as prior centuries. That acid will eat into your pictures, and by the time little Nancy graduates from highschool, the photos will be irreparably damaged.

    1. Thanks for the advice Lady Dragoness! I have a spray that prevents any more acidity from happening but I'll keep an eye on it
      Thanks again :)

  2. I've heard about those sprays, but never tried one. I would hate for you to lose those precious memories though. Little ones are only young once...