Sunday, January 12, 2014

little adventures.

 Last year I did a photography challenge called Project 13, where I took 13 photos a week for a year of our everyday life. It actually became one of the most popular features on my blog and I really enjoyed looking back over the weeks and just seeing how quickly Nancy was growing, the seasons changing and just the little details that will mean a lot to me in years to come.
This year I'm going to do another photography challenge. This one is called little adventures. Everyday that I tell Nancy that we're going to do something even as small as going to the park or shopping, I say "Let's go on an adventure!" and she responds "Yay!" It's become kinda funny now and I'm guessing she'll soon get tired of this as sometimes I just take her upstairs to change the bedsheets or give her a bath!
I'm hoping though at the little age of 15 months that she is still finding almost everything exciting and it's a little adventure to her.
So, taking inspiration from this little girl, every week I'll share 7 photos of our everyday life and little adventures.
I hope you enjoy it.

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