Saturday, December 14, 2013

DIY gift wrapping ideas.

After a busy year of wrapping parcels for the online store, I feel like a bit of an expert when gift wrapping my Christmas pressies! The thing is though, I like to keep the parcels from the online store quite simple so I thought I'd try out a few ideas with the plain brown paper for my Christmas gifts.

  I cut out a very simple Christmas tree shape from a piece of foam and stamped the paper all over before finishing it off with some twine.

My ribbon collection was put to good use with some of my smaller gifts by layering up different ribbons and weaving them over and under each other.

I added a bit of sparkle to a few gifts by applying a light glue to the brown paper after the gift was wrapped and sprinkling on glitter. Do this in corners, stripes or polka dots!

Happy wrapping!

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