Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DIY 5 minute tree decorations.

This week we put up our Christmas tree. I had kept all the decorations from last year and hadn't got the chance to buy any new ones so I improvised a little as I wanted a bit of variation this year. To me, wooden or handmade decorations are the best but I didn't have a lot of time so while putting up the decorations I made these 3 quick decorations in 15 minutes! I used what I could find around the house or in my crafts stash.

 Wooden peg reindeer: 2 pegs, some foam, glue, scissors, twine (for hanging), red marker and googly eyes if you're lucky!

 He has a lonely look going on but he was the first decoration on the tree. Probably explains it!

 Polaroids: Grab some snaps, punch a hole and thread your choice of ribbon through.

Naked baby photos are optional!

 Glitter baubles: I spray painted a few of the silver baubles I had from last year and sprinkled glitter on the bottom halves of them before the paint dried.

Super quick, super easy and now my tree looks more 2013 than 2012! 

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