Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DIY polaroid wall art.

 During the summer I took a break from Instagram as I felt like I was spending too much time on my phone and not enjoying the sunshine enough. Now that the sun is most definitely gone for a few months, I'm back snapping away on my phone whenever I get the chance! You can follow me here.
A few days ago I received a lovely little package with my favourite prints from Polargram (they'll print a choice of your Instagram photos in the polaroid style) so I thought a DIY was in order.

 I gathered together 6 of my favourite photos, 6 wooden pegs, a pencil, some double sided sticky pads, a measuring tape, and a can of gold spray paint.

 To make the wooden pegs look a little fancier I sprayed them with gold paint on all sides and waited for them to dry. I then cut the sticky pads into six small rectangles and stuck one on each end of the six pegs. Using a measuring tape and pencil I marked where I would place the first row of pegs on the wall. 
I then hung up the first three photos and measured about 2cm from the end of the photos and marked where the second row of pegs would go. Then I hung up the last three photos. And that's it!
 The great thing about this display is that you can change the photos whenever you like and it costs very little...hopefully like me, you'll have a filing cabinet full of "supplies"!

 Nancy even noticed them and pointed up at herself in one of them and said "baba." That's a thumbs up I think!

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