Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I turned 29 a few days ago so it's the last year of my twenties and I want to set myself a challenge I've attempted before. I'm writing a list of things I want to do, or at least try to do before I hit the big 30! You can read about my previous attempt here.

29 things before I'm 30:
1. Make Nancy a dollhouse (this is part of my New Years resolutions so I better get cracking!)
2. Continue to grow this business
3. Learn how to make sushi
4. Visit Belfast
5. Be more patient
6. Learn how to play the ukulele...properly this time.
7. Meet my friends more
8. Bring Nancy on a holiday abroad
8. Start of new photography project similar to Project 13
9. Go for afternoon tea
10. Relax more
11. Practice yoga at least once a week
12. Do an art/craft project with Nancy once a week
13. Continue to build up my online store
14. Go swimming once a week
15. Pay off my credit card
16. Read more

17. Be a better "morning person"
18. Take better care of my skin
19. Draw more
20. Bake more
21. "Unplug" for 24 hours once a month
22. Visit Berlin
23. Redesign this blog
24. Drink more green tea
25. Make photo albums of Nancy's 1st & 2nd year
26. Have date night in, once a week
27. Get a new tattoo
28. Buy all my Christmas presents from local and small businesses
29. Worry less

I'm a big list you can see! But I keep most lists in a little notebook. I thought I'd share my list this time. That way, I might just cross them all off when I turn 30.


  1. absolutely love this! its weird how we're so alike & we have the same name too! awesome blog :)

    1. Snap! :) Love your blog, the cocktails are great, the Brains one is brilliant! :)

  2. I do a big list like this for 5 year goals, but I think I need to start a yearly goal list like this too. Unfortunately, if I do one for before I'm 30, I only have 5 or 6 weeks left :) You rock Cathums!

    1. And I remember you have the 5 year goals when you were here, was awfully impressed! :) Why don't you try 30 things before you're 31 and you've a few weeks to plan extra good ones :) Hope your 2 boys are good, miss you always American Amy! xxx

  3. Love this!! Learning to play the ukulele has been on my list for 2 years ago and I really need to just do it. I think the number 30 is scarier in our heads than the reality!