Friday, October 4, 2013

rainy days.

I remember as a child some of the best days were the dark, wet, wintery days. Playing inside for hours, oblivious to the floods happening all over the country. Unfortunately entertaining a one year old on a rainy day is a lot harder as you're dealing with a very short person with a very short attention span and you're limited to what you can do as it needs to be both fun and safe. When the little mountain of toys is turned down, here are some ideas that don't cost much at all and have been reviewed by a certain little girl and received the thumbs up!

Finger painting. Nancy may be a little young for finger painting but nonetheless we gave it a go. Newspapers on the floor, a little apron and old clothes, blank pages and away you go! You can pick up a few pots of finger paint and an apron in Tesco for less than 10 euro. The only downside is you spend more time getting ready and cleaning up than actually painting!

Bubbles. Do not underestimate a bottle of bubbles. I spent nearly an hour blowing bubbles for Nancy one day and in the end it was me who got sick of it! Really cheap and you can make your own when they run out.

Shredded papers. Yet again, the simplest things are the most entertaining. I cut some coloured paper into little pieces one afternoon and gathered them all into a paper cup and threw them into the air. Nancy went wild, no joke!

Finger puppets. You can buy them quite cheaply or take a look at my finger puppet diy here. A few different characters, bright coloured and lots of imagination and you should have your audience giggling for a little while.

In a few years I'll have to introduce her to sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag. Oh, the fun!

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