Thursday, October 31, 2013

my partner in crime.

My favourite day of the year has arrived! Scary movies, costumes, pumpkins and too much sweets but best of all that nostalgia that I get every year on this day. I just love it!
Here's my partner in crime all dressed up for the day. We've already been out showing off our costumes this morning and now there's a little sleeping moneybag upstairs while I'm wearing my robber costume with a pair of slippers! I hope to squeeze in another visit today and later tonight it's gotta be a cheesy horror or zombie movie for me.

Little Nancy's moneybag was a bit last minute but handmade trumps store bought any day! I took a canvas tote bag we use for shopping, I cut open the end and the handles on top and knotted them into straps for her shoulders. I sketched out a dollar sign (a euro sign just wouldn't have the same effect!) and filled it in with a sharpie. A scrap of black fabric and some stripy clothes for me and we were all set!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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