Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Dinnertime in our home, although there is just three of us, can be quite tricky. With our "dining room" being used as my office and a very small kitchen we usually retreat to the living room for most of our meals. With a large coffee table, lots of cushions and a big couch, the easiest thing to do is to bring everything we need into our living room and enjoy more relaxed meals.

It can be really nice, especially in the winter with the fire lighting and little Nancy enjoying the freedom of being out of her high chair. It's cosy and manageable. For now. I can imagine though as Nancy gets bigger, it is important to eat some of our meals at a proper table setting and I haven't had a few friends over for dinner yet as there's not enough space so I know that this is just a temporary routine.
I've been looking at solutions for small spaces and of course I came across lots of ideas from Ikea. Oh, Ikea, how I love thee! Even after watching this video ‘Dinner with The Lims and Ikea’, I've already come up with a few ideas...

Firstly, whether I need it or not, that cute mint coloured trolley is going on my wishlist!

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