Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY children's wall hanging.

Little Nancy's room is almost finished. I've spent a good few afternoons decorating her small bedroom, mostly diys including her wardrobe and ribbon bunting. The wall above her cot was quite bare for a long time so I finally got around to making a wall hanging this week. Here's what I did:

I gathered together some colourful fabric, black felt, twine, paints, a cardboard letter N, paintbrush, scissors, chalk and a glue gun. I started by painting the edges of the N red.

I let the paint dry for about 30 minutes, then lay the N down on the fabric (the side you won't see should be facing up) and traced out the shape. Then, I cut out the fabric I needed and glued it onto the front of the cardboard letter.

Next, I cut a piece of felt into a heart shape and glued a piece of twine (about 20cm) on it and the other end onto the back of the N in the centre. With another piece of twine (about 40cm), I glued both ends onto the back of the letter to use for hanging. Lastly, I hung the wall hanging with a small nail threaded through a black button for a little bit more decoration.

A cute and simple DIY that only takes up about an hour of your day. Just one or two more little projects left for Nancy's room and then I'm done.

PS Check out Draped in Style where you can purchase these lovely letters all made up for you!


  1. Absolutely love this. Sooo cute. P.S I miss your store in town!!

    1. Hi Shannon, thank you! Aww, I miss the store sometimes too! :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  2. Great blog! I will definitely visit it again!