Thursday, August 1, 2013

letters to nancy.

 I've started writing letters to Nancy. It's usually when she's asleep at night or during the day while she's napping and I have a few minutes to sit down and tell her what's going on. I have a million photographs taken the past 11 months she's been around but I feel like I'll forget small details in years to come.

 I don't know when I will give them to her. Maybe her 18th birthday. Maybe her 21st, she might appreciate them more then! They may be the only old fashioned letters she ever gets.


  1. O wow this is so beautiful
    love the idea
    just discovered you blog today
    and im already falling in love..x_x
    im from Dublin do feel free to check my blog out
    (ps im already snooping on yours..hehe)

    1. Hi Olayemi,

      Thanks for your comment! Ya I love that I started doing this, hope I keep it up! Your blog is lovely, your beauty posts are so detailed, really love this! I'm a bit clueless with make up! :) xxx

    2. aww thank you *blushes*
      I my self is just getting full swing of it.
      thanks for checking out the blog..xo