Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY tulle skirt.

 I've been meaning to do this DIY for some time. I've just been a bit busy the past few weeks so a few nights ago I set aside 2 hours and finally crossed another project off my list.
Here's what I did:

I gathered together 5 metres of tulle fabric, thread in a similar colour, a pair of scissors, measuring tape, some pins, a strip of cotton fabric measuring about 6cm x 78cm (this measurement is based on your own waist with a few centimetres added on)...and my sewing machine of course!
First, I cut 6 layers of tulle, all measuring 70cm in length (you may want yours shorter if you're smaller in height or you prefer the shorter style) and I doubled my waist measurement (you'll see why in the next step) so the pieces were 144cm wide.

Next, I made large pleats along the width of the fabric where the waistband would be and pinned each one. This does not need to be too precise as there are so many layers of tulle and this kind of fabric is quite forgiving!
Lastly, I sewed each layer onto the strip of cotton fabric using a zigzag stitch and leaving an overhang of a few centimetres on each side of the strip as this is how I tied my skirt together.
As a finishing touch you can place a satin ribbon (or any kind of ribbon for that matter!) over the waistband and tie a bow at the back. I chose not to sew this onto the waistband so I could change the ribbon according to my outfit.

I'm pretty happy with mine and I've already worn it with a mint satin ribbon. You can always add more tulle layers to make it fuller. I think the next one I make might be for Nancy and I've a little leftover fabric that just might do!

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