Saturday, July 20, 2013

great fancy-dress party ideas.

Today I have a guest post from Catherine Lavinia. Below are some great tips and tricks to get you ready for a night in costume.
Whether those two words inspire you with joy or dread, fancy dress is more or less unavoidable, so you may as well embrace it. We’ve drawn up a list of our favourite costume ideas for 2013 to help you get excited next time an invitation arrives. 
Blast from the Past
1920's flapper fashion is in full swing this season following the release of The Great Gatsby. Gorgeous ladies dresses with a twenties twist are easy to find this summer, and with the right accessories, you can look like you’ve quick stepped straight from the roaring twenties in no time. All you'll need is an elegant cigarette holder and a long string of pearls for flawless Charleston-ready style. If you're feeling more groovy than jazzy, the late '60s and '70s are also making a comeback. The recent revivals of tie dye, stacked sandals and flared jeans make a 60s hippy costume a cinch to whip together last minute. Work the flower power style with flared sleeves, acid wash denim and flowers in your hair.
Movie Magic
Now that there’s a new wave of Star Wars films in the pipeline, get ahead of the crowd by bringing back some old school costumes from that galaxy far, far away. Pair a floaty white dress with braided Danish pastry-style buns to rock a Princess Leia look that will be both vintage and fashion-forward. Helena Bonham Carter's role in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland gave us a new take on a traditional character with her a quirky incarnation of the Queen of Hearts. Mix and match black and red accessories with an A-line skirt, plenty of blue eye shadow and a tiara for an instantly recognisable take on the familiar character.
Noah's Ark
If you're the one organising, one fun theme you could try out is 'Noah's Ark.' You can either leave people to pair up or assign teams yourself, and let guests arrive 'two-by-two' just as they do in the story. With every animal under the sun up for grabs, you're likely to see some fabulous costumes from braver party-goers, while more reluctant guests can get away with whiskers and ears. As for the host - well, the obvious choice would be to play none other than Noah himself - better dig out that Santa beard!

Thanks Catherine!

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