Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY nancy's little dress.

 At the weekend, while Nancy was asleep and  the cooler tempeartures of the indoors seemed more appealing I made Nancy a little pillowcase dress. This pattern is called a pillowcase dress as you can easily use the fabric of a pillowcase but I just decided to use some pretty navy polka dot fabric I had in my sewing basket instead. It's quite easy and it takes the length of a baby's nap to make! Here's what to do:

 Gather together the navy fabric, some red felt, scissors, chalk, a measuring tape, some navy thread, a few pins, fabric glue and some pink satin ribbon. Oh, and a sewing machine!

 First, trace out a pattern for the front and back of the dress. Nancy is 10 months old (where has the time gone?!) but the best thing to do to get the correct size is copy some of the measurements from a dress that fits at the moment. The top part was 8" across, the bottom was 20" across and the length was 24".

 Fold up an inch of fabric at both ends, press with an iron and stitch along the top fold. Then trim excess fabric at the seams. Next, fold the top part down about an inch also, press with an iron and stitch at the bottom fold.

 Then pin your back and front together at the sides and stitch. The next step is to thread the ribbon through the casings at the tops (attach a pin and use it to guide you). 

 Cut the ribbon leaving about 10" at either ends. Then cut out a heart shape from the felt and use fabric glue to stick it down firmly.
Lastly, you just tie the ribbons into little bows and you're done.

 There you have it! I have to say, I'm not too good on the sewing machine and this is about as adventurous as I'll get for now but this cute little dress will do Nancy a couple of weeks until she's too big for all of her clothes again!
P.S. I have to get a picture of her in it but this weekend it was so hot she just rocked a nappy and a smile the whole time!

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