Tuesday, July 23, 2013

a little tour of my home.

 I thought it was time to share more photos with you of my home. You probably see a lot of little bits from Project 13 photos but I decided to tidy up a bit and show you most of the rooms in the little house we rent.

 With a rented space it can be a little bit tricky to make it your own sometimes. It's all down to the bits and pieces you own to decorate the space. Vintage suitcases, crochet blankets, framed pictures, ornaments, potted plants and a few lamps have all transformed these rooms into a cosy, colourful home. I'm a bit of a collector (borderline hoarder!) but with a small house and Nancy's growing collection of toys I've learnt how to keep it to a level that's not crowded but still homely.
 This post I wrote a few months ago gives a few tips on wall decor for people renting with a tight budget. I believe you really don't need to splash out to create a beautiful home.

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