Thursday, June 13, 2013

working on your own: tips & tricks.

It's a tricky business working for yourself, being your own boss or working from home. So many distractions and I'm just talking about in your own mind! Sometimes I find it hard to focus when I dedicate a few hours to just work and sometimes I find it even harder to motivate myself to work and to get ideas flowing. But I have learnt a few tricks over the past few years both while in the shop and working from home.

1. Make a work space and don't invade it. Don't put magazines or non work things in your work space. Whether you have your own office or studio or it's just a corner of a room, let that space be entirely about work. Sure you can decorate it with plants or photos and even an inspiration board is good too but leave it at that.

2. Just do half an hour. If you're finding that you're putting off work as you have mountains to do and you know it's going to take hours, just say to yourself, "I'll do half an hour today." I find, usually, that its two hours later and I've lots done as I've sorta tricked myself into it!

3. Talk to people. I'm sure you complain about work and what you have to do and the problems you're encountering but sometimes if you just mention that you're stuck or lacking inspiration and go into a little detail, you'll find people start suggesting things to you. Even if you don't like their ideas, you'll see things from a different angle and they might even spark up other ideas for you.

4. Exercise. Ok so exercise always seems to be on every list ever written, but it's for a good reason! Something sorta happens when you exercise (I know there's scientific facts but I'm gonna keep this simple!) Whenever I go for a swim, I usually leave the pool relaxed, happy and a bit more clear on what I have to do work-wise.

5. Don't overdo it. There's been many a night I have stopped working after midnight and have to start again early in the morning. And sometimes we have to get things done. But generally I kinda hate work the next day and have no motivation or drive to do anything. Breaks are good. A good night's sleep is good. Even a holiday is good!
6. A little reward. Even if it's just a cup of tea and a slice of cake after a few hours work, a little reward really helps. You're being good to yourself and you're recognising that you're working hard.

I wish I could say I listen to these tips all the time. I'm a night owl, a worrier and a bit of a perfectionist. But these have been the tricks that have saved me at times.

Hope they help you too!

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  1. Very sound advice! It just makes me feel better knowing that others are in the same boat.

    1. Thanks Amanda! Throw some tips my way if you have any ;)

  2. Great advice! I worked at home for many years and although it was enjoyable, I found it very difficult!

    Love Cass

    1. It is tough isn't it. It seems all positives before you actually do it yourself! Lovely blog Cass :)