Thursday, June 6, 2013

DIY cupcake stand.

This DIY is really easy and quick. It took me 10 minutes to make! A perfect DIY for a busy schedule. Here's how I made it: 
1. Gathered together two plates, one smaller than the other (and I chose two different styles for an eclectic look), a candle stick holder with flat ends, a glue gun.
2. I started by gluing the top of the candle stick to the centre of the smaller plate. 

 3. I waited a few minutes to make sure the small plate was secure and next I glued the bottom of the candle stick to the centre of the larger plate.
4. I then held it in place for another few minutes.

 And that's it. You have a really pretty cupcake stand faster than you can eat a cupcake! And these ones didn't last too long either...

I think I love easy, small DIY projects as much as ones that take a few days or weeks. But I need a challenging one soon. Nancy's dollhouse perhaps?

P.S. I submitted this DIY to IFB, check it out and along with some other great tutorials!


  1. You make everything look so easy x

    1. Do I?! Thank you Blau, liking you back blogging x

  2. I love this!! It's so sweet and simple

  3. What a great idea! would be perfect for a party. The cupcakes and the stand look great. congrats on being selected for IFB project 99

    1. Thanks Carly! :) Love your blog, photos are fantastic, following you now on Twitter & Pinterest! Love new blogs to read :)

      Cathy x