Tuesday, June 18, 2013

crystal clear.

 I've been doing a lot of thinking the past few days. And worrying. My brain has been a bit cloudy with negative thoughts. I don't know how it started but I think the bleak weather had something to do with it. Worrying and over thinking is pointless and I have to remind myself that every so often. Fortunately the sun was shining this morning and I also got a very good news email last night (I'll tell ye more about that soon!) so my spirit have been lifted again, woohoo!

 Here's what I wore today:
Bralette -Penneys
Cardigan - Vintage
Levi cut offs - Vintage, similar to these!
Leather belt - Vintage
Cowboy boots - Vintage
Crystal pendant - Vintage, available here

Today was even a no cardigan day in the end!