Saturday, May 4, 2013

updating my summer wardrobe.

The great thing about vintage is that whenever the next season rolls around you can pull out your favourite pieces and there's no need to be "on trend." This year, I'm excited to wear some of my favourite vintage summer dresses especially since I was 7-9 months pregnant last summer! Saying that, nearly everyone is influenced by what's in fashion, including me. And to be honest, this year my summer wardrobe needs a few new pieces just to update it a little. Don't get me wrong, I love my high waisted vintage Levi shorts and I adore all my floral print vintage dresses but I just need a few perfect pieces to refresh my whole look for the next three months or so. It was getting a bit stale. 

I also have a confession to make, I have over 60 vintage and new dresses in my wardrobe...and that's after the Spring clean! But these two dresses I've chosen are just too perfect to forget about it. I love the two tone one, it's perfect for any summer night out or fancy BBQ! And I will probably live in the lemon skater dress...and these coral pumps. As for the wedges, my theory is that they'll just go with everything, right?
I found all these lovelies at And I'm not breaking the piggy bank yet either, result!


  1. Ahh that two-tone dress is amazing - fantastic price too! A little bit in love with the navy and white version as well. Looks so much neater than trying to wear a vest tucked into a pencil skirt xoxo

    1. That was one of my thoughts too :) I hate when a long top ruins the clean lines in a skirt!

      Cathy x