Thursday, May 9, 2013

DIY owl finger puppet.

These days Nancy needs lots of entertainment. And right now, the most entertaining thing for her seems to be small objects and her socks. And especially when her socks talk to her on my hand. Naturally, a finger puppet had to be made! This super easy project took me about 20 minutes to make and Nancy was entertained for about 5 minutes with it afterwards. That, in Babyland is a success. Here's how to make one:

 What you'll need: Small pieces of felt, small piece of fabric for beak, 2 small beads, needle and thread, scissors, fabric glue.

1. Cut out all the felt and fabric pieces that will make up the owl. I cut out the front, the back, 2 eyes, 2 wings and 1 beak.
2. Next I stitched on the two beads onto the round eye pieces.

3. Then I glued the beak and eye pieces to the front part of the owl body.
4. Next I stitched the front and back of the body all along the edges and leave the bottom piece open.

5. Lastly, I glued the wings onto him (Yes, I've decied he's a boy.)
6. Have fun with your puppet!

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