Thursday, April 11, 2013

framed dried flowers DIY.

This is a DIY project I've been meaning to do for a while. But drying flowers takes about 3 weeks and I only had two dried flowers and I like things in threes! I'm a bit OCD about numbers! So after I was given some beautiful Mother's Day flowers (my first!) I popped one of the pretty bluebells into a large old book I have and waited a few more weeks. This method of drying flowers works well as they are pressed also (the other method is hanging them upside down.) I wanted to create a pretty framed display of my dried flowers so here's what I did:

1. Gathered up some old picture frames, all roughly the same size.
2. I took apart the picture frames and using blackboard paint I painted the frames to create a more uniform look.

3. While the frames were drying, I took my dried flowers out of the book and arranged them in the order I wanted to display them.
4. I then tore out pages from the book (make sure it's an old book you don't want to read again!) and cut them to the size of each picture frame.

5. I glued the flowers to each page and placed them back in their frames. 

 They're now hanging in our bathroom and I love them! Each flower also has a sentimental value which is what I think I love the most about them. Yes, I have lots of feelings!


  1. These look great! We have some dried flowers in a vase at home but I think they look so pretty in these frames...

    Fiona xo

    1. You should try it Fiona, you're halfway there!

  2. I used to press followers all the time when I was younger, they are so beautiful! Would love if we could follow one another


    1. Cool, just went onto your blog, lovely! Following!

      Cathy x