Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY ribbon bunting.

I recently put up a shelf in Nancy's room. The shelf was the leftover piece from this project but it was still looking a bit bare when it was filled with her things so I decided to make some ribbon bunting for the shelf. This is a very simple and quick diy but adds lots of colour to your space instantly.

All you need is some ribbon, twine and a scissors. Choose the ribbons (take into account the room colour scheme) and I think adding different types of ribbon (silk, lace, grosgrain) make your bunting more interesting in the end. Cut them all to the same length. Mine were about 30cm in length. Next, choose the sequence you want to hang them. This gives a finished and neat look to your bunting.
Lastly, tie them in a single knot onto the twine, spacing them out evenly as you go. Then you're good to hang it up!

 I really like the colours I chose for now but I could always whip up another one in about 15 minutes. Ok, that's enough bunting now in Nancy's room...I swear.


  1. This is so cute! I don't have any children just yet but I think this would look equally amazing for a summer party xx

    1. Yep, anything really! Wedding, party, BBQ :) x

  2. I love your cute photography!


    1. Thanks Lily! Sometimes it's a bit too cutesy :)
      Been reading your blog for awhile, I love it!