Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a work from home mom.

So I've been working from home now for over three months. And little Nancy is nearly eight months old. So I suppose I'd call myself a "work from home mom."  I was quite nervous about it when I closed the shop on Washington Street. Would I like being at home all day? Would I miss chatting to friends and customers everyday? And more importantly, would it be financially viable? Well, I'll be really honest about it. I do like being at home everyday. I like being able to spend everyday with Nancy as she is growing so quickly. I like not missing the new things she's learning and doing. But I make sure that on the days that it's just me and her that we go for walks or take a trip to town for a few hours to keep us both entertained! I do miss chatting with friends and customers that used to call to the shop. Everyday seemed to be eventful in there. But as I said I like not missing out on Nancy's new noises, moves and tricks. She really is as entertaining as one of the crazy days in the shop! As for worrying about the money side of things, things are going well at the moment. If anyone reading has been a customer of the online store, thank you so much for your support. I love sending parcels to the places like Tokyo and San Francisco but most of all I love recognising someone's name and then thinking "Ah yes, they used to come into the shop." 
Some days are quite hard trying to juggle it all. Nancy is out of sorts, I have to give her a bath, I have to make a trip to the post office, reply to emails, make lunch, dinner, the list goes on! On these days I must remind myself that lots of people have lots more to do, that I only have one (quite cooperative!) child and that some mothers are at work wishing they could be at home. On really busy days I think you need to remind yourself, even if you think it's not possible, that you could be busier. And for me, it's a really good sign that I'm having busy days.
Working from home has it's pros and cons but right now I'm really happy to call myself a work from home mom.


  1. hello from another working mum: three days in the office and one day from home so not quite the same, but my working-from-home day has been the saving of me, so I can relate!

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by and reading the post! Good woman, you definitely have busier days than me :) Love your blog x


  2. Love your positivity. Every day is an adventure :) xoxo