Tuesday, March 26, 2013

as the dust settles.

It's been about 3 months now since I closed my store on Washington Street in Cork City. It feels a lot longer to be honest. I think when there is a lot of changes, things can seem like a lifetime ago. And there's been a lot of changes. As soon as I made the decision to close the store, even before I announced it to anyone, I started making plans for the online store. Turquoise Flamingo started out as an online store but after two years of owning a bricks and mortar store, I knew a lot more this time. I know what kind of vintage customers want and how adventurous they will be when purchasing. I manage my time better and I'm a little more savvy with online marketing and customer service. Don't get me wrong, I have LOTS more to learn too. But I can definitely say, this time it's working out. Parcels have been sent all over the world and it's a really nice feeling to check my emails in the morning and see that someone in Australia or California has just purchased an item from my store.
Having said all that, making the decision to close the bricks and mortar store was not an easy one. It was a really hard and scary decision. I didn't know how well the online store would do and I was quite sad to have to close the doors to a space I had worked on for two years. But I'm glad I made that decision. I'm not saying I regret opening the shop in the first place. In fact, it was one of the best things I've ever done. I learnt so much in those two years, made some great friends and built up a great customer base but now as the dust settles, I can look back and see how much of a struggle it was to cover costs and work there six days a week and probably four days a week when little Nancy got a bit older and not pay myself a full weekly wage. That's just not right. But I'll never ever regret that time. It was so exciting and I loved seeing how the shop evolved over the two years it was open. As I walked down Washington Street the other day, I had to stop at No.4 and peer in the window. It was empty and dark inside, but I could remember exactly how it was when it was Turquoise Flamingo. And I don't think I've ever forget that.

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  1. Love this piece. You are an amazing inspiration and deserve every success. I miss the shop whenever I'm in town, was always nice to stop by and be greeted by your welcoming smile :) But what's better than all of that is the knowledge that you no longer have to struggle. Well done. Proud of you! xo