Wednesday, March 6, 2013

a closer look: lil red's boutique.

As you've probably heard me say before, Lil Red's Boutique is one of my favourite handmade jewellery shops online. When Turquoise Flamingo was a bricks and mortar store, I used to stock Nicola's handmade pieces in a little corner in the shop and it was funny to see customers walk straight in and over to her corner every once in a while. A sure sign of a blossoming business! Her fun, playful pieces appeal to everyone in some way. The Scrabble jewellery has got to be my favourite
Nicola - The face behind Lil Red's Boutique

What's the story behind the name? To be honest, choosing a name for my little Boutique was probably the hardest task of all! I toyed with so many ideas and in the end I thought it best to keep it simple and personal to me. 
My little pin up girl for my shop was created on the complete nerd values of where I began with my jewellery and how I wanted my little shop to portrayed.

What's your favourite colour? It's so hard to decide on one colour so I'm going to go with the 3 colours that I will most likely always have on me...Black, Grey and Red! I also have an unending love affair with bright red nail varnish that goes with everything! 

What's your favourite decade? I will always be an 80's girl!! 
My ipod playlist is mainly stuck in the eighties with some awesome tunes - Def Leppard, as well as some of the more guilty pleasure range...Lionel Richie.
My favourite all time classic movies include Dirty Dancing, Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 
I grew up with some of the best video games and toys, so much so that my jewellery originally stemmed from a mixture of Lego and Pacman!
My heart will always be in eighties fashion with it's power dressing, big hair, accessories and way too much eyeliner! 

What's your favourite piece in your store at the moment? Picking a favourite piece in my shop is like picking a favourite child! Oh all right ultimate favourite piece would have to be my Lego lightsaber earrings because they consist of two big loves in my life...Lego and Star Wars! 
Take a look at Nicola's online store and Lil Red's Facebook page for all her updates...AND for one week Nicola is offering all my readers a 10% discount in her store. Just enter the coupon code LILFLAMINGO10 at the checkout.

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