Saturday, February 23, 2013

wall decor on a budget.

Decorating in rented accommodation and on a budget can be quite hard. You want to make it your home for now but you don't have that much money to spend at the same time. And this is especially hard when it comes to decorating your walls. Here are a few tips I've learnt when it comes to wall decor:

1. Cheap and cheerful framed pictures. You can pick up frames in secondhand shops for one or two euro, once you have a pretty picture in it, you don't even notice the shabby frame. Also framing posters, flyers, postcards that you've collected over the years that you really love look great once framed. Make a cluster of small and medium frames on a large wall and you have a beautiful display. Here's our living room with framed photos, posters and old pictures that cost altogether less than 50 euro.

 2. Bunting or wall decals. Hang up some bunting in a room and you instantly have colourful walls at a really low cost (and don't go overboard on the bunting as I tend to do sometimes!) You can also pick up some amazing wall decals online for as little as 10 euro.

3. Accessories. Look in your wardrobe for inspiration. Hanging your prettiest vintage dress on your bedroom wall instead of it being hidden inside your wardrobe can really brighten up your space. I have hats hanging over our bed as well as this big Mexican hat in our hall for a pop of colour.

 You don't have to go spending your weeks wages when you've decided to decorate your walls. Just remember when you have found something, do a bit of thinking before there's lots of holes in the wall!

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