Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY Nancy's wardrobe.

 As much as I loved the old baby blue shelves we bought for Nancy's things, I felt like it needed a bit of a change as Nancy is growing (fast!) and she now is beginning to wear "proper" outfits everyday, even if they are still teeny tiny! So I thought, let's turn these messy old shelves into her own little wardrobe. Here what I did:

 First, I gathered together what I needed. Blackboard paint, paintbrush, small paintbrush, scissors, fabric, fabric glue, masking tape, pencil, measuring tape, hammer, screwdriver, screws, 25mm diameter stainless steel rail, stainless steel support brackets.

 I wanted to decorate the side of her shelves, as its the first thing you see when you walk into her room. I also wanted the decoration is be of use, so blackboard paint was the perfect solution. I measured the length of the wardrobe, I traced the first heart shape with a pencil and then evenly traced three other heart shapes along the length of the wardrobe.

 I then painted the hearts with blackboard paint and finished the edges using a small paintbrush. You could use masking tape to keep a neat finish but I found my steady-ish hand worked better in the end!

 Next I removed the second last shelf from the whole unit and measured the length and width of the space and cut out fabric in these measurements. I then lined the back with the black and white stripy fabric, using fabric glue. I wanted to keep with the monochrome look as Nancy's clothes and toys would provide the colour.

 I attached the support brackets in place with 2 screws in each and slid the rail into place. 
Lastly, I hung up all her clothes on the rail and put any odds and ends into two baskets that fitted nicely under the last shelf.

 For now, the hearts on the side read "Little Nancy's Little Wardrobe" but that can always be changed with a wipe of a cloth and some more chalk! What do you think? I must say, I really like it!

And Nancy likes it too!