Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY everyday beehive.

One of my favourite vintage hairstyles is the beehive. There's so many variations of this style and it suits everyone. You can create a big, beautiful, messy beehive or go for a smooth, sleek one. These days I have a beehive nearly every second day, so I've mastered my version of the 'Everyday Beehive'! Here's what to do:

1. Wash and blow dry your hair straight. Make a side parting. (My hair looks best in a side parting with a beehive but a centre parting may suit your face shape more)
2. Section off the hair you'll be making into a beehive. Starting from just behind your ears, covering the crown of your head. Let the rest of the hair down.

3. Break up the beehive section into layers. Start backcombing the first layer (closest to your forehead).
4. Hairspray each section as you go.

5. Keep backcombing until you come to the last section.
6. Smooth out the hair that will be visible on top with a brush and start pinning the sections to the back, making sure to keep an even shape to the beehive all over.

7. Hairspray the beehive after pinning to keep it in place.
8. I backcomb the hair I've left down a little so it doesn't look too thin. If you have fine hair, you'll need to do the same.

Ta-dah! It's not too big, not too messy, not too neat and takes about ten minutes to do. It's 'The Everyday Beehive'!

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