Saturday, January 5, 2013

a few resolutions.

Today, I announced some sad news on Facebook, where I have a very large and loyal following. It's something I want to share with ye here in a few days but for now I want to focus on something a little more positive and light. It's been a long day!
As I mentioned in a recent post I usually make my resolutions and goals on my birthday. But this year I kept it a little traditional so here are my 2013 resolutions:

1. One evening a week, turn off my phone and leave the laptop closed.

2. Make Nancy a dollhouse. This one will be a challenge. I want to make a really good one that she can play with for years. I plan to post my progress here every so often.

3. I'm calling this one Project 13. It's like Project 365 but I plan to take 13 personal photos a week (cause it's 2013!). I take about 30 photos a week for the store so I sometimes neglect taking more personal photos of everyday life. I also plan to share these here this year.

Pretty achievable right?  What resolutions, small or big, have you made?

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