Wednesday, December 19, 2012

vintage inspired gift wrapping.

When wrapping Christmas gifts, especially vintage or handmade, it's a nice touch to get a little creative. Brown paper and twine is not just a cheaper way to wrap up a gift but I think its a refreshing alternative to colourful wrapping paper and glittery ribbon. Even a brown paper bag can become quite pretty and is a great way of holding small, awkward shaped gifts. Newspaper can be used as emergency wrapping paper on Christmas Eve and you'd be surprised how good it looks, wrapped neatly with some twine or ribbon. 
 Keep the gift tags plain and traditional so as not to spoil the whole look. Or if you can get your hands on some old photos, punch a hole in the top or corner of the photo, tie on some string and they make great gift tags too.


  1. So cute! I love it, great idea.. I want to receive a gift wrapped like this!!


  2. cute idea! never thought of using a brown paper bag
    Thanks for sharing :)


  3. This is a lovely idea! They would look lovely under the tree :)

  4. i bought a big roll of brown paper to wrap my christmas gifts this year, and since there is so much left, i'm glad to find another idea of how to wrap a future gift with it!