Wednesday, December 5, 2012

my lucky finds.

 I suppose I shouldn't really say lucky finds when it comes to the pieces I found for the store as I really spent months thrifting and even spent a little bit of time upcycling a few pieces. My favourite piece has to be the owl clock I have hanging over the counter. It cost €1 in a charity shop, yes I suppose that was a lucky find! Every second customer asks about it and if it's for sale, not a chance!
 I also bought a demi console table for €15 in an old furniture shop and I made a collage on the top with old scraps and old newspapers and comics, then just a layer of varnish and the table was transformed! I love the Art Deco style legs on it too.

My tips for thrifting: 

* Put in the hours. As I said, you can be lucky but usually it's the hours you put in that get you that special piece.

* Look everywhere. Try charity shops, vintage shops, flea markets, car boot sales, antique stores, and online.

* If you're looking for something specific, online is your best bet. Saying that though, have a quick look locally because you never know. And if you do by chance find what you're looking for locally, that's called fate! 

* Don't buy something just because it's a lucky find. Make sure you have room for it and it suits your style. 

* Look past the dust. If you're falling in love with an item but it just looks a bit too old or worn, step back and see if all that item really needs is a bit of TLC and it'll be sparkling again.

* Consider upcycling. Your piece might just need some painting, varnishing, upcycling to fit nicely into your space.

Happy thrifting!


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