Sunday, December 30, 2012

change of plan.

My tradition for the past two years is to make my resolutions and goals for the year on my birthday. So in November 2011 I wrote my list of things I wanted to do and achieve in the following 12 months. Little did I know that my plans would be majorly interrupted very shortly afterwards. Some things were business and shop related, some were just personal goals and a few were just for fun, like make 12 new desserts in the year or plan a trip to Paris for a few days. Most, but not all of these plans had to be put aside for another time as I found out in early January that I would be making a very big addition to my list. Becoming a mum.
This was a surprise and as I'm a fan of plans and being quite organised this took a bit of adjusting and thankfully I was reminded by family and friends to go with the flow a little.

 The months flew by (and sometimes dragged too!) but on September 15th, little Nancy was born. Although, we had been told that the baby was probably going to be a boy, Nancy decided we needed another surprise just to keep us on our toes!

I still managed to cross some goals off my list, I travelled around Ireland in a camper van (when I was 6 months pregnant, a bit of a challenge I have to admit!), I went to Rome for a few days, I launched a vintage styling service and an accessories collection for the shop. Now, I'm not saying that I'm not glad to have done all these things or that I'm not proud of the business projects I've made happen this year but they all seem a little bit overshadowed because this year I met my new best friend.

And I have a feeling that from now on, no matter how organised I try to be, or how well thought out my plans are, it'll be Nancy who decides most of my goals. But I don't mind. After all, everyday is an adventure.


  1. I cried at the new best friend part. You guys are the cutest. I hope 2013 is amazing for you two xo

  2. Aw, from the comments on Facebook I made a few people cry!! Happy New Year Lorna xxx

  3. Awwww I love this post. She is absolutely beautiful. I hope you have a great New Years!

    1. Thanks Natasha, happy new year to you too :)