Sunday, December 16, 2012

a christmas stocking.

I wanted Nancy to have a Christmas stocking this year, although she's only three months old! I decided to make one as I wanted a cute personalised one for her. Here's how I made it:

1. I got together 2 sheets of red felt, one sheet of black felt and one sheet of cream felt, a scissors, chalk, fabric glue, red ribbon, needle, thread and some gold coloured bells.
2. I drew 2 very simple stocking patterns on the red felt with some chalk. Along with 2 cream trims and the letter N on the black felt.
3. I cut these shapes out with a fabric scissors and played around with the layout.
4. Once I had my layout finished I pinned the 2 red stocking shapes together.

 5. Then I sewed the stocking shapes using a sewing machine leaving an edge of about 1cm.
 6. Next, I glued the cream trims to the top of the stocking and the letter N on the centre.
 7. By hand I then sewed on 2 bells just below the cream trim.
 8. Lastly, I added a red ribbon to hang the stocking off the mantelpiece. 

Now we just have to wait for Santa to arrive. I hope Nancy has been good!



  1. It turned out great! Well done! P.s I love the tree♥ Zita J

  2. Wauw this looks great, and so simple! Great job :)!

    Love from Holland! x Rosie

  3. so sweet! and a lovely thing for her to keep for years to come