Tuesday, November 6, 2012

vintage in my home.

My collection of vintage homeware isn't huge but it's steadily growing over the years. I'm a huge fan of mixing new and old when it comes to my clothes and I'm the exact same when decorating. Vintage homeware has the same good points as vintage fashion. It's unique, cheap and fun!
Here's a few photos of the vintage in my home.

 My favourite pieces are my colourful Russian nesting dolls and my orange metal cashbox that we use in the hall for letters. I'm on the lookout for a vintage record player just like the one I have in the shop (maybe I'll take it home someday!), some vintage velvet cushion covers and a few more old suitcases to use as storage.
 It can be tough job when I find pieces to sell in the shop to keep them in the shop!
P.S. Coming up to Christmas there will be more little bits of vintage homeware available to buy in the shop, like pretty teacups, travel cases and vinyl records.


  1. Cathy! If you get any small vanity cases/travel cases in let me know! I want one to keep my toiletries and make up in on my dress!

  2. Hey Pia! I had a cool 70's red leather vanity case in the shop recently but its gone :( Ill keep an eye out for you xx

  3. What a lovely home you have & what a lovely blog & hey ! We're practically neighbors !! Must pop in to see your shop soon , looks fab x x x