Friday, November 16, 2012


 This was a lucky find when I was searching for vintage books on Etsy. I came across this quite tattered (just the way I like it!) collection of Rudyard Kipling's poems. My favourite poem of all time has to be 'If' so when it arrived and I saw it on the table of contents I was very excited! This book is really special to me and cost less than 10 euro! I love little sentimental things like this.
 I also have a growing collection of old photographs (I don't know who most of these people are, is that creepy?!) but some of these photos really capture the time and moment and it's fun guessing the year, place and who these people were. I find these photos so special that they are part of a project happening right now as part of the store's Christmas stock. That's all I'll reveal for now. I'll be telling you more next week!

I'll be back later when photos of some of the new pieces that have arrived in the store. Let the Christmas shopping commence!