Monday, September 3, 2012

a new season.

It's Autumn. My favourite season. For so many reasons. I love the colours, the smells, the weather (there always seems to be less rain than in the Summer!)
So it was a hard task to let the Autumn window display all up to Carol while I'm on maternity leave, but boy was it worth it! It's Autumn in a nutshell, I adore it! As I have run the store by myself (with help from family and friends every so often) for over a year and a half, it feels strange to let all the big jobs up to someone else. But it also feels great. Especially when that someone else shares the same ideas and direction for the store as I do. We're a great Turquoise Flamingo team!

 Lots of pretty pieces also came into the store this week to coincide with the new season. Lots of tweed, Autumn/Winter dresses, denim shorts, cravates, braces and light jackets.

And to really celebrate Autumn, I've gone blackberry picking, bought two awesome tartan bags at Mother Jones Flea Market, done some painting and made some yummy apple cider.

Cathy x


  1. The window looks amazing. Would the tartan bag in the photo be suitable for college?

    PS, Good luck with the future arrival Can't wait to meet him/her x

  2. opps totally misread that enjoy your new purchase x

  3. Hey Sarah! Thanks for your good wishes! Sorry about the bag, its TOO awesome to let go!! See you soon x