Friday, May 18, 2012

the vintage dress.

Vintage dresses. The reason I originally fell in love with vintage. And the reason I still get so excited about vintage when I find the perfect dress for myself, or even someone else.

Why should you also have a love affair with a vintage dress?
* With all the decades to choose from, you're sure to find a style that suits you.
* Imagining what the history of the dress is. The stories it holds.
* Good vintage means good quality. So your dress will last all those nights out or picnics in the park!

Here's my vintage dress inspired window display this week. These pretty dresses with lace collars are available in store for just 32 euro.

And here are some summer vintage dresses available to buy online from my store:

This vibrant orange dress, click HERE!

Check out this pretty floral day dress HERE!

Or this floaty 70's maxi HERE!

When it comes to falling in love with vintage frocks, don't be monogamous. There's ones for the weekdays, ones for the weekends. Ones for daytime, ones for the evenings. Have lots of affairs with lots of dresses.

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