Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm in a style rut. I don't buy new clothes a lot, in fact I don't buy old clothes a lot but I have held on to a lot over the years so I'm usually quite good at mix and matching to come up with new outfits all the time. Not right now though. I need some inspiration. I've been flicking through some magazines, watching people piece together outfits in the shop, browsing fashion blogs, I just seem to have a "fashion block" going on at the moment. Any ideas for inspiration?


  1. I've been feeling the same way! I just don't seem to have the budget anymore for really great clothes, and I'm trying to evolve my style to be a little more classic and mature- difficult with all my college age crazy clothes that I've had for years! (although I'm still college aged and crazy). its been difficult since my ever expanding belly has really started to show, and I just cannot bring myself to wear ugly maternity clothes!

    to the thrifts I will go! :)

    my biggest suggestions is to look at the mod cloth style books- I can never afford anything from there, but it gives me so many ideas of patterns and prints to try together, wearing items a different way, etc!

  2. Hi Becca, appears we are in the same boat besides just feeling in a style rut! best of luck with your pregnancy :)