Thursday, February 2, 2012

vintage homes

 Things I love about vintage styled homes: CLUSTERS! Clusters of photos and photo frames, clusters of cushions, clusters of ornaments and objects that compliment each other, basically...clusters.
  Colour palettes that are just that teeny tiny bit, for want of a better word, wrong. Technically, they shouldn't work. Visually, they just do.
 Mixing modern and vintage furniture. This has always been of one of my favourite elements with vintage styled homes. Throw in a new, shiny piece of furniture and you get a really interesting eclectic style going on.
 I find "the rules" should be almost the same in vintage fashion and vintage interiors. Don't go head to toe in vintage, and mixing eras is always a good idea for a more interesting look. Look at Betsey Johnson's amazing mustard dining chairs! I want them!


  1. I just gave you Liebster Award on my blog :)

  2. Great rooms! I just loving looking at pictures of other people's homes. I guess it's the nosey Nelly in me!