Thursday, May 5, 2011

hula hoops and kites.

This is my May window display, one display away from being extremely summery! I made the kite myself out of recycled wallpaper and some twine and when I saw the colourful hula hoops I knew I had to have them for the window!
Summer is really starting to kick in, and the store is moving with the seasons quite well. Plenty of playsuits and denim shorts are now in store and just yesterday my much anticipated order of vintage sunglasses arrived. So I spent a few hours in front of the mirror trying on lots of pairs and settled on an 80's black and gold pair for myself...and then it rained and rained yesterday but I'm staying positive about how much I'm gonna use them!
Last, but DEFINITELY not least, I got the news a few days ago that I am featured as Boutique of the Month in Vintage Life magazine, a relatively new international magazine! I am so delighted and eagerly waiting for my copy in the post. If you want to pick up a copy, click here or if you live in th UK the magazine is available in WH Smiths. I'll definitely be posting pictures as soon as I get my copy!
I'm off now to organise the next event in store!


  1. I love it:)!! Congrats on the magazine too, thats fab! x

  2. Ah wow! Congratulations! That's such a nice boost! :D THe window looks fab too. Will the online store be updated too?

  3. Thanks Cathy! :)
    Ya the online store will be updated early next week with some summer pieces :)

  4. If I would walk by and see your window display I would definitely go inside! :)

  5. I would like to go there for enjoying colorful hula hoops. I'm also willing to get some sunglasses and willing to enjoy the hula hoops workout by wearing sunglasses in my eyes. Thanks