Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a surprise visit.

So it's been a little too long since my last post but a lot has been going on here in the store. Firstly there was the Vintage Hoedown last Wednesday. So. Much. Fun. Aisling and John from John Blek and the Rats really made the night, they didn't stay on the window display/stage for too long so most of the evening was spent dancing around them in our cowboy (or indian!) gear drining sangria and munching on Wagon Wheels! The shop was quite full but I had lots of help being the host with Louise and Steph behind the counter too! Here are some of the photos...
 How cute do Libby and Alice Halliday look in their Western gear?!

The clean up the next day was definitely worth it! Stay tuned for more events in Turquoise Flamingo

Lots more stock arrived over the past few days that I have been eagerly waiting for, lots of summer skirts, silk scarves, playsuits and cute colourful blouses for the girls. And lots of Western shirts (yes, the obsession is still going strong!), cardies and sports t-shirts for the boys.

My good friend Andrea surprised me with a visit to the store yesterday and we had lunch together.
Andrea has her own store in Kilkenny, called Peaches Boutique. I was recently at her opening night and got to see her beautiful store and stock, I wanted so many pieces in there! Check out her Facebook page here to see some photos of her stock (there's a black, white and pink dress that I adore and think it's so 80's!)

I'll be changing the window display this week, I have a few summery ideas but I think I may leave them for May, June and July. It's hard to come up with something in these in between months but I think I have a good concept coming together, check it out by the end of the week.


  1. I was in today and bought the cutest belt - light purple with a big gold clasp - I love it! Really like your store, keep up the great work :) Fiona

  2. Aww that was you! You should have said a proper hello! I love your blog Fiona, so different! Call in again :)

  3. Ah thanks very much :) Yup that was me! I wanted to say hi but you seemed busy so I didn't want to interrupt, but don't worry, I'll be back in again soon, saw a few beauties I want to call my own!

  4. A vintage hoedown sounds fabulous!!!! :D Looks like it was a fun night!