Wednesday, March 23, 2011

cowboys and indians.

Ever since I have been organising A Vintage Hoedown with John Blek and the Rats which is happening next Wednesday in the store I have become worrying obsessed with everything that has a hint of western style, anything "Cowboys and Indians"catches my eye, I've been scanning the tv for old Western films and I have been trying on all the tassles, suede, check and gingham in the shop in the past week. I'm trying to get my hands on vintage red cowboy boots but it's a tough one as I'm being a little bit specific! Anyone seen a pair around?


  1. oh wish i had an ass like hers!! them are some short pants ! gorg!!
    have a fab time at the event!!
    sounds brilliant!!!

    sinead x

    fashion house
    her style diaries

  2. I cannot wait!mmm where to find filthy short shorts

  3. Can't wait either.. I think I'm gonna get my Pocahontas on!xx

  4. Gorgeous shots! No red boots but I've got some brown ones I'm putting up soon (which I know you can find on Etsy) and this leather top that's for sale in my Etsy shop :D

    Happy cowboy/indian hunting!!! :D

  5. Argh, I had AMAZING red cowboy boots when I was about 15 - swapped them with my aunt for a dress. :-p
    I have some great vintage dancing costumes I got in Nashville - gutted I'll be missing this!

  6. Glad ye are looking forward to it girls! It's gonna be lots of fun!:)
    Nicky, that leather top is fantastic, wish I had the guts to wear it!

  7. ebay is usually pretty good. Have ye say im a bit excited about finding another irish blogging lady. Im claire.. im running heart handmade and im in belfast. I have ME/CFS and im pretty much house bound so that means I cant really meet local crafters so this is amazing.

    I searched ebay forever for cowboy boots to look like the ones my dad wore in the 70s (his are obv too big) and found a perfect pair for 6 quid that ended up being high heeled... uncomfortable to the max!