Thursday, February 24, 2011

strawberry tea.

Another busy week in my world! The shop has been quite busy this week which is great and had a bloggers meeting last night, which was lovely! Apologises for the lack of chairs girls! That strawberry tea was delicious though :)

A few ideas and plans are really coming together, mainly to do with the shop, but of course! I shall reveal all soon.

So I was delighted to be featured in Image Interiors magazine. It was a piece on where to eat, drink, sleep and shop in Cork and the store had it's own paragraph AND photo, I was so happy!

Only discovered another Cork fashion blogger the other day and then had the pleasure of meeting her last night at the meeting, Dominika of Fashion Philosophy, she's super cool and super stylist! Wish I was that cool when I was 16!

Saw this image in one of her posts and just had to rob it and post it (yes it may have something to do with the colour turquoise being in it!)


  1. Sure you can come down to Tralee anytime and we can shoot something just like that in the Aquadome :P Same difference like! Haha

  2. haha! And sure we'll have an ol' go on a few slides while we're at it! :)

  3. aww, thank you so much for writing about me! <3
    and thank you so much for yesterday! i had really great time!