Thursday, February 17, 2011

shop talk.

I may seem like all I talk about or photos I post have to do with the shop. Well that's kinda my life now. I work here (yes I'm in here right now!) 6 days a week. So when I'm not in the shop, I'm either out with friends or going to the drive in cinema(it's awesome, you need to go if you live in Cork!). And when I'm not doing any of the above I'm sitting at home thinking about the shop! Either planning the next window display, where next to source my stock or coming up with ways to promote it. So excuse the fact that most of my blog posts are shop related, that's just the way it's gonna be!

So I changed my Valentine's window this week to this...

It's an 'Alice In Wonderland' inspired window display. I thought this would be a good choice for the start of Spring. It's colourful, it's a garden tea party and it's fun! I especially like the little quote written in window marker along the bottom of the window "...tumbling down the rabbit hole..."

More shop related news...Image Interiors magazine is out tomorrow and I already got a sneaky peek at a piece called '48 hours in Cork' and my store is featured in it and I am so flattered to be even mentioned in this magazine. It was my bible in college when I did Interior Architecture! I will post the piece in the next few days.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to take my camera on a little adventure at the weekend. I'm in need of a trip to the seaside to take some photos in my little red car.


  1. Adorable shop, and I love your Alice and wonderland theme!!! That car is as cute as a button!!!!

  2. lovely just followed you...
    love the car!!! im lloking at buying a black one of these - fagaro- so cute!!!

    drop by .....x

  3. Really wish i lived in cork!! drive in cinema!!??..the shop looks great, Hope i get down to visit it soon :)