Friday, February 4, 2011


So the official Turquoise Flamingo Store Launch Party was last night. To be honest I was a little nervous about it beforehand but the whole night was a great success. Glittery cupcakes, bubbly champagne, family, friends, bloggers, balloons, Louise (who works here) with her 80's sequins jumper, a little speech, photos and some live 80's music from The Shamones. A recipe for success I suppose!

Thanks to everyone who came along to it, hope ye all had a good night!
The shop was surprisingly not too messy and post-party looking this morning and a leftover cupcake was had with my morning tea, yum!


  1. Gutted I missed it:( Hope you'd a fabulous night!! x

  2. You're welcome Sarah :)
    I did, thanks Cathy, there'll be plenty more Turquoise Flamingo parties!!:)