Tuesday, February 8, 2011

florence & alice.

DELIGHTFUL NEWS! Turquoise Flamingo is now stocking accessories by designer Alice Halliday in the store. Her pieces are beautiful! Florence Welch from FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE seems to think so also, she wore a cape designed by Alice on her Australian tour!♥

Other shop related news, I changed my window display yesterday, it's an 80's/ Valentines/ Prom Night theme, lots of pinks and reds! Just wish I had a tacky flashing neon cocktail sign to finish it off!

Badly need to do an outfit post soon, maybe one in the shop, since I do spend 6 days a week there! Ooh, maybe I'll do an over the top 80's prom night one! My new hair crimper will only be delighted!

Cathy x

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