Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 & 2011

Happy Women's Little Christmas everyone! Also, since my last post was a week ago, Happy New Year!
So a fellow blogger Lola Dee did a post summarizing her 2010, which I thought was such a lovely little story. I must say I was well impressed also by the amount of things she did, goals she achieved, places she'd been to in 2010, Well Done Lola Dee!
Sooo, I'm going to do a similiar post, and I'm also going to tell you about my little personal project I started on my 26th birthday in November, it's called '26 Things Before I'm 27' and I owe all the credit to Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess.
Instead of having New Years resolutions that I usually break anyway by February, I decided the day before my birthday to do/achieve 26 things before I turned 27. Before I delve into this list, let's recap on my year...
I set up my website in January,, which probably was one of the most exciting starts to any year so far!
I went tobogganing in the snow with my sister and mum, I cycled more, I fell in love with Glee, I did a photoshoot at a closed down petrol station near Kinsale,I said goodbye to my best friend as she moved to London, I missed my sister while she was in california for the summer, I fell in love with Sunday's Ice Cream Parlour in Kinsale,
I learnt how to use photoshop (still learning!), I used my camera...a lot! I was part of a book club, I sang a song at a party (whether it was in tune is a different story!), I went to funderland three times!
I went camping, I got a sewing machine, I made this video, I bought and started learning to play the ukulele, I helped my friend Kate photograph a wedding, I went to London to visit my friends and source some vintage pieces, I watched way too many 80's movies, I made way too many cupcakesI went to see Lady Gaga in concert, Paolo Nutini's secret gig in the Crane Lane, Electric Picnic and many many friends gigsI let my hair grow (finally), I bought lots of vintage, I tried being a vegetarian for a week, I fell in love with chili hot chocolate, I can embarrassingly say I got Bieber fever, I sent a Turquoise Flamingo dress to Imelda MayI spent a weekend at a trad festival, I held a Turquoise Flamingo Swap Party in Bunnyconnellan's in Myrtleville, I helped participate in the Decade's Festival, I danced my socks off at my cousin's wedding in my favourite vintage number, I carved my first pumpkin, I threw a Halloween party and dressed as a pirate, I kept a big big secret for two months and then spilled the beans on facebook one night "Ok I couldn't hold it in for another second! A Turquoise Flamingo vintage store will be opening very soon in Cork City!!! Expect pieces like on the website and more! Ladies and Mens!OH THE EXCITEMENT!!!"And then in one week I (and lots of family and friends) painted, bought, designed, wallpapered, hung, tagged, drilled, glued, cleaned the shop together with these results...

So there you have it, that was my 2010. What an amazing year!!! My 2011 will involve a lot of my '26 Things Before I'm 27' as i have just crossed off 4 on my list since my birthday, two of them were...
1.Open a shop
2.Organise a public "Swap Party"

Here's a peek at some of what I'll be doing this year:
4.Go to San Francisco or Paris (again!)
9.Make sushi
12.Go to the drive-in cinema
16.Read 12 books
18.Learn to sew...properly
25.Learn the 'Thriller' dance in full

I will update you how I'm getting on with my list as well as other new adventures or ventures in 2011!


  1. Thanks for the mention and congrats on all your 2010 achievements :) Here's to a brilliant 2011! BTW you can NEVER bake too many cupcakes xo

  2. Love the shop was in during the week and will be back to snap up some more of your great stock x