Saturday, December 4, 2010

why a vintage piece?

1. It is unique. You can be pretty much certain that no one else will be wearing the same thing as you, unlike "that dress" from Penneys!

2. It has a story to tell. A 1950's dress for example, imagine it's journey through the past 6 decades!

3. It is good, if not great quality. Think about it, it has to be to have survived through the years.

4. It can be fun. Pick a decade, and dress in that decade! It doesn't have to be fancy dress, just leave the wig at home.

5. It doesn't have to be "in fashion". Vintage itself is always "in fashion" so you never have to worry about it being dated...because it already is! Oh and being environmentally conscious is also in fashion so it's really a win win when it comes to vintage!