Friday, November 12, 2010


It's my 100th blog post!!! To be honest at the start I really didn't think I would keep it up for long but 99 posts on I still really enjoy telling you my news, showing you pictures from what's going on in my little world and sometimes just rambling on about something vintage, turquoise or flamingo related!
I recently received an email from a customer Naomi who bought the 'Hot Hudson' dress from Turquoise Flamingo and she attached this photo of her wearing it, she's the lovely lady in the yellow, isn't it stunning on her?! I love that I have taken the personal approach when it comes to my business, that way people tend to feel comfortable sending me these kind emails and it is definitely my favourite part of the business.

So I would like to say thank you to anyone who has sent me an email like Naomi's, anyone who has been a customer at Turquoise Flamingo, anyone who follows my blog, anyone who has left a lovely comment, or anyone who has clicked that all important button to become a friend or a fan on facebook. Thank you xox

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  1. That is SO awesome that someone sent you a picture! I always include that offer on my thank you notes when someone purchases an item from Stitchy Life Vintage! I haven't been taken up on it yet?! But maybe one day :D Happy 100th post!