Tuesday, October 12, 2010

london trip.

Instead of showing you the inside of vintage shops and warehouses in London, I decided to show you how the other stuff on my trip went. It involved driving to Rosslare harbour and catching the sunrise, a big boat trip over the Irish sea, a long train journey with lots of coffee, cheesy snacks and cheesy music on my ipod, browsing in pretty shops (check out the flamingo wrapping paper!), a walk in the park, chilling out at the top of Primrose Hill, my friend Gill petting some Banksy dogs, vintage car spotting (there's my Red Ruby's cousin in a mint colour!) and finally the long trip home again.
On the Turquoise Flamingo side of things, I had a very successful shopping trip so sit tight for a few days to pick up some knitwear, party dresses, faux fur and pretty hats from the store!

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